The Bio of Jess Hillard (abridged)

Age: 24 and some change
Town: Bear, DE (there are no actual bears here)
Dog: Lightning the Beagle Spaniel
Food: yes
Education: We'll let you know when she pays off her tuition bill

Born February 3rd, 1991, Jessica Mercedes Hillard has been making things up, drawing them down and generally causing her poor parents a lot of greif. She went to school like she was supposed to and graduated high school a year early with a 3.4 GPA and also scored 1760 on the SAT. #humblebrag.

In October 2009 Jess started her first buiness. MicroMascots, a mascot costume design and construction company, is still in business today and is expanding its products and things like that. But this isn't MicroMascots' website so Jess isn't going to go on about that here.

Right now, Jess is busy re-branding MicroMascots into a new company called Jackalope Entertainment Group, or JEG for short. In her free time she enjoys collecting stamps, going to Chuck E. Cheese's, learning how to animate, playing with her dog Lightning and avoiding her bunny Little Rianne.

Oh, and about that jackalope thing that you're probably wondering about: Jess really likes jackalopes. Like... a lot. If you don't know what a jackalope is click here.